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We have been providing repair article and parts for customers since 2011. Thousands of people have purchased parts from affiliate programs through the website and successfully repaired their equipment. We do our best to supply you with the most recent repair topics and easy to understand repair articles to save you money and keep your machines running.

We recently started selling our own parts on this website. Our site is now fully SSL and secure. The payment method is done through Woocommerce Stripe Plugin, the most trusted payment method on Woocommerce sites. None of your credit card information is stored on this site and all payments are routed through Stripes payment method.

Out of Stock

The Out of Stock Estimated Time is a Worse Case Scenario. We will search for other vendors to get you that part as quick as possible. Within 24 hours we should know if we can find a faster method of getting the part to you and give you an updated shipping time.

Check Order Status

The only way you can check order status after an item has been ordered is if you have set up an account before you place the order. Otherwise you can email : [email protected] for questions.

If you have any questions you can always reach us at 260-417-4807.